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We work to support the development of high-quality affordable housing in multiple states by providing financing and project management expertise to public, private, and non-profit clients. We strive to form productive and collaborative working relationships that result in affordable communities of excellence.

We have a long history of working effectively with developers, architects, contractors, accountants, attorneys, lenders, and equity investors to create high-quality, sustainable, affordable housing. We are currently growing and expanding our reach.


Mission Driven Development

We believe that housing forms an essential foundation for a healthy life and we work with our clients to pursue mission driven development.

True Partnership

With a strong collaborative approach, we assist our clients in managing their development projects and development teams to ensure that clients are performing those tasks they wish to perform and learning what they wish to learn about the development process.

Capacity Building

We immediately share our pro forma package, believing that understanding the numbers is an important step toward our clients’ control of their own projects.

Strategic Project Planning

We focus on anticipating challenges before they cause project delays or complications.


Meet the people behind D&A

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