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Lynette Davenport

Senior Project Manager and Principal

Lynette Davenport

Lynette Davenport is a Senior Project Manager and Principal at Diamond and Associates, with several decades of housing development experience working in multi-family affordable housing, including underwriting Low Income Housing Tax Credits (“LIHTC”) and other funding sources. She also has over a decade of experience working in the single-family housing industry, where she handled multiple single-family transactions. 

Lynette joined Diamond and Associates in 2021, Lynette has proven herself to be a truly dedicated affordable housing professional. Bringing her unique expertise and problem-solving skills to the fore, Lynette fit in easily with the Diamond and Associates culture and immediately brought added value to her clients in their development efforts. In addition to bringing existing relationships with Diamond clients to the table, Lynette has proven herself to be an asset to Diamond’s developer partners as they navigate many difficult development challenges. 

Prior to joining Diamond and Associates, Lynette worked at Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (“PHFA”), focusing on underwriting LIHTC and other funding sources for affordable housing. She has underwritten and closed deals ranging in size from 15 units to 100 units, with varying capital stacks. She specialized in working with developers to help them navigate development obstacles. Prior to working on LIHTC developments at PHFA, Lynette was a Multifamily Accelerated Processing Officer there, working on reviewing and compiling required documentation for HUD to approve Agency-insured loans. During that time, she worked to assist in crafting a program dedicated to funding supportive housing for disabled residents. 

Lynette is also a Steering Committee member of the Women in Housing and Finance of PA, and she serves as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee. She also participates in the CSH PA supportive housing coalition. Lynette holds a professional certification in Housing Development Finance.

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